25 November, 2010

Note to self:

When speaking to dog, do not refer to self as 'we' or 'us'. While the Royal 'we' has its place, a single 20-something's non-royal studio apartment is not it.

Also: stop speaking to dog.

21 October, 2010

How to tell if your boa constrictor is a girl:

I smell a darwin award 'round these here parts...

CG: How can you tell if a snake is a female?

BR: The best way to be sure is to wait until she is older. She can be tested by using a special probing instrument. This probe is inserted anally. The further the probe goes in means it's a male. This should be done by someone who knows the snake's anatomy.

14 October, 2010

*loves 'spontaneous' group dancing in public*

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a fan and advocate of group dancing in public. I'm loving this flight attendant trend!

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

You may remember the female flight attendants of Cebu Pacific getting their grooves on to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry when showing the safety procedures of the plane, but now it's the men's turn.

Fittingly, Cebu Pacific created the male version of the dancing instructions with the song Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats.

Watch the video (above) for some classic LOLz

We love it!

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Camel is in this winter:

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The Bleu Bistro Grotto? Woo!

Via CHS! 

CHS Capitol Hill Seattle

Bleu Bistro Star Originally uploaded by ~wesa~

East Olive Way nightlife appears to be on the verge of connecting its "last mile" to Broadway. Fresh on the heels of news that venerable gay bar CC Attle's is about to move into the space currently occupied by Cafe Metropolitain and as the new beer and wine augmented menu is about to be unveiled at the "Gaybucks" Starbucks overhaul, we've learned of another new food and drink establishment coming to East Olive Way near Broadway.

An entity called Bleu Bistro Grotto has applied for a new liquor license for the 1801 East Olive Way address where megachain sandwich shop Quiznos used to operate. Scratch one more from our list of available high-foot traffic retail spaces on the Hill. We have a mail out to owner Ross McCartney-Allison for more details on what he has planned. We last spoke to him this spring after he made the decision to shut down his Chez Gaudy restaurant and focus his efforts on The Buck and Broadway's Bleu Bistro.

While it's difficult to imagine another Bleu Bistro being any more grotto-y, the space along with the new CC's will help extend East Olive Way's well-established food and drink stretch including The Elite, Dinette, Tacos Gringos, The Buck and, of course, The Crescent all the way up to Broadway. Add things like the new Arabica Coffee, B&O Espresso hanging in there, the funky retail stuff going on around Harem and (CHS advertiser) Vino Verite, and things seem pretty busy along the Way. Even one of the Hill's favorite hangover cures is now part of the nightlife scene as Glo's has gone 24-hours on weekends. It's a shift for upper East Olive Way's business culture -- and as noted by many in the CC's comment thread -- people living in the area.

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Workflows in progress.

I'd like to share a Popplet with you. Please see the image I've attached to this email.

To learn more about Popplet, check out


As I attempt my all iPad blogging, I have thus far discovered a couple of potential workflows. 

so far the easiest is Reeder + Mail2Blogger. I can't format links or alignment or spacing but I *can* get a picture and the salient facts from the original news article or blog post directly in an email and to my blog without having to leave the Reeder app. (review coming later but I am in luuurve with it).  The 'Note' feature is useful but I have to remember to 'unshare' those notes so that they remain private and for my use only. (the note feature is linked to google reader). 

Blogpress is an awesome app and easy to use. It's not easy for me to send info to Blogpress for later editing - a draft service or something - but it makes up for it with a simple and easy to use UI and many of the formatting options that are not available in Mail.  Features I'd like to see in blogpress: a notelet that can pop up in any app allowing me to port info easily from one app to the other without having to leave my current app. It would be cool if Reeder integrated with Blogpress!! Super easy. 

I was playing with Popplet this morning and created my first (and very rudimentary)...uh, is it a workflow chart? I made one. And Popplet let me email it directly from the app and that is where I am currently writing this post. 

Formatting wishes and alignment/spacing dreams!!!

13 October, 2010

Happy spider season 2010, Capitol Hill

Repost from I'm still testing iPad + internetting + blogging,  I'll have my workflow figured out soon enough. 
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle

Originally uploaded by a_ahlstrom

The little -- and some alarmingly large! -- bugs have been around for weeks but the start of cool, crisp fall days is when spider season officially begins. You can't have spider season without morning dew-dotted webs. And you can't have dew without crisp fall days. Ergo, happy spider season.

Yes, by the way, spiders happen every year and we're pretty sure this poppycock only partly explains it:

Hatched out in early May, the ubiquitous species known as European cross spiders spend their early days out of sight of all but the most dogged spider-hunters. Their tiny webs are tucked deep in the bushes where they chow down on bugs — and grow. Now they're reaching adulthood.

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12 October, 2010

Speak to me of apples...

More fun with my iPad. Right now I am discovering the ins and outs of blogging from this marvelous touchscreen device; i apologize for the lack of real or thoughtful content. You, keep reading, and I promise to keep publishing my unfiltered inner monologue. (and to take a refresher course in appropriate comma use).

Congratulations to the Chilean miners!

The evacuation is in progress as we speak, the first of the previously trapped minors is out of the earth and safely aboveground.

My fingers are crossed as the evacuation continues. Congrats and good luck!

iPad addiction.

Here's to hoping the novelty wears off.

11 October, 2010

Visual Poem: The w.a.s.p. attack

First attempt using this particular's sort of like hipstamatic for anything you choose to write at all.

Preset templates come loaded heavy with meaning, presoaked in subversive social commentary, lips defiantly pre-curled at any offering of conformist pop art.

Typewriter font! Stained edges! (SHARKS!)

Now that they've taken all the work out of being an angst-ridden adolescent, will there be a proportionate drop in angry collage-making related paper cuts?

the w.a.s.p. attack

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